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Coat of arms of PCR.svg This image is available from the Romanian Communism Online Photo Collection under the digital ID {{{id}}}

The Romanian National Archives identifies, processes, systematizes, and makes available any photographic resources, regardless of their format, created during/about the communist regime in Romania, so that anyone can use them free of charge.[1] According to existing legislation and regulations of the Romanian National Archives, anyone that uses these photographs, regardless of purpose or nature of the work, is obliged to mention:[2]

  • The number of the photo (e.g. #G008)
  • The complete name of the database (Fototeca online a comunismului românesc)
  • The date of access to the database, in round brackets (e.g. (06.12.2021))
  • The archive quota of the work: ANIC, archival database, structural part, thematic subdivision, quota (e.g. ANIC, ISISP archival database, Nicolae Ceauşescu – Portraits, 8/1966)
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  • Note: This tag should be placed in Permission field of the image {{Information}}.
  • Note: This template has only one parameter, that can be extracted from the image's page link
    For example, from http://fototeca.iiccr.ro/picdetails.php?picid=33540X1X58 the code 33540X1X58 should be extracted, resulting {{FOCR|id=33540X1X58}}.
  • Note: This template must not be used for images about the Romanian communism that are not on the Romanian Communism Online Photo Collection.
  • Note: ANIC means Asociaţia Naţională Împotriva Corupţiei (National Association Against Corruption); ISISP means Institutul de Studii Istorice şi Social Politice (Institute of Historical and Social-Political Studies).
  • This template places images in Category:Images from the Romanian Communism Online Photo Collection.