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If you are uploading an audio file:

  • In most cases, if you have access to raw or losslessly compressed audio, you should re-compress it as an Ogg FLAC (a FLAC stream wrapped in an OGG container) and then upload it directly to Wikimedia Commons. Here's a typical command line when using the standard FLAC encoder:
 flac --best --ogg -o name_flac.ogg name.wav
FLAC is lossless and supports a variety of metadata and multichannel audio. This is the common case, so Commons Archive is not expected to have a lot of audio files.
  • If your compressed Ogg FLAC file is over 100 MB, you can upload it here temporarily while seeking a file size exemption on Wikimedia Commons.
  • If the original audio file contains data that cannot be easily transferred into the FLAC format, upload it here in the original format.
  • If you do not have access to the raw audio, only to audio that is already lossy compressed in some format other than OGG, upload it here in the original format.


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